Reclaim Your Body is a book authored by Saravana Kandan, Founder of Fionis India and Natural Health Foundation. This website is built on extracted versions of various chapters in the book ‘Reclaim Your Body’ and put together as blogs. The blog details different aspects on health and breaking the myths on diet and nutrition that has been followed since ages.

Now get ready to unfold your blindfold and open your eyes to the truth regarding health, nutrition and lifestyle. The information in each and every blog is the result of research done for more than a year.

“Health and wellness relationship to environment society is well explained. A must read to reclaim what is yours!!!”

Ms. Radha Krishnaswamy, S&C Coach, BCCI

Reclaim your body is a complete guide on human body, health and exercises. Many common questions are brilliantly answered. A fitness trainer will richly benefit from this carefully complied encyclopedia on health and happiness

– Dr.C.Sylendra Babu, DGP, INDIAN POLICE

“Comprehensive book from anthropology to zoology. Informative and well narrated. A science magazine on health and fitness.

Mr. Ramji Srinivasan, Founder Sports & Dynamics, S&C coach, Indian Cricket Team


FIONIS INSPIRING FITNESS is one of the largest fitness groups in Chennai. It aims at inspiring fitness among individuals through a wide range of fitness programme from Yoga, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Core strengthening, Fat loss and many more. Fionis crossfit is the largest crossfit in Chennai with 6000 sq ft of space. Fionis also provides service to the various communities and corporate.

NATURAL HEALTH FOUNDATION has been initiated with an aim to provide the chemical free organic food at your door step. They are sourced from local farmers ensuring the best farming practices followed by them. It majorly promotes native food like millets to be adopted by everyone as it is getting forgotten in the modern lifestyle of unhealthy food habits.